Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? 

You are born with intention, with a purpose.

Imagine what could happen if you would follow your purpose in your everyday life. You are able to create a joyful life by following your energy. 

Meraki Personal Coaching helps you discover your purpose.  We start by doing the Purpose scan, a mind-blowing 15-minute quantum psychology scan which is able to measure the unique energetical blueprint of your psyche. 

The results of the scan gives you insight in:

  • Your strength and weaknesses as a person. What should you do more and what should you stop doing immediately to accelerate your personal growth and build a happy life?

  • What kind of people should you have around you so that you can focus on doing what you enjoy and what you are good at?

  • What motivates you deeply and how can you convert this to an attractive and actually perceivable purpose for yourself?


The scan includes a full report and a feedback session. After that we will further look into your purpose and how to implement this in your daily work and private life. On the basis of your own experiences you will learn how to recognize and trust your true feelings and your energy. This way you will be free of negativity and embrace a joyful life.

My coaching sessions characterize itselves as no-bullshit, to the point and practical. I am not here to teach you about Eastern wisdom, I am here to help you thrive in a fast moving Western world.


Whether you want to make a change or take the next step in your business, in your personal life or both, Meraki will help you guide your way.   


My coaching session with Lianne didn’t just confirm the way I felt but more importantly, she was able to deepen this feeling in order for me to look at it in a new way. 
With this new insight, I made a change from a state of always judging myself coldheartedly to a state of celebrating myself and embracing my potential and chances.
I have always been conscious about my state of mind but I was never able to turn this around. During the coaching I learned to genuinely believe in myself and the person that I am. Now I am treating myself in a more loving way, I know where I am headed and I have faith in myself that I am able to make changes and take chances. I am no longer stuck in negative thinking that led me nowhere. This consciousness I gained has been a major win for me.


- Ilse Koops 




€ 95,- per hour