'Purpose fuels passion'

In a rapidly changing world it is key to stay ahead of all developments. As an entrepreneur you are working day and night for a thriving company. Big strategies have to be implemented, KPI's have to be met, numbers to be accomplished. 

Now take a moment. Imagine a team of people, all doing exactly what they love most, what they are good at. Imagine the energy that would flow trough your company, trough your entrepreneurial heart. 

Need I say more about meeting your results?

Meraki believes in thriving companies made by thriving teams. Based on the  Purpose scan, a mind-blowing 15-minute quantum psychology scan which is able to measure the unique energetical blueprint of the psyche, we map the personalities in your team and match them to each other, to you and to the results of the company.

You and your team get a clear insight in:

  • Your strength and weaknesses as an entrepreneur or professional. What should you do more and what should stop doing immediately to accelerate the business?

  • What kind of people should you have around you so that you can focus on doing what you enjoy and what you are good at?

  • What motivates you deeply and how can you convert this to an attractive and actually perceivable purpose for the company?

Are you ready to thrive? 



- First intake meeting

- Scan

- Feedback entrepreneur

- Feedback team



*Based on a team of 5 persons total


€ 95,- per hour


€ 95,- per hour