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Chakra Crash Course

Root Chakra

The alignment of body, mind and spirit is a rareness in the Western world we live in. In therapy sessions, we connect mind and body, yet we ignore the spiritual aspects of our being. Then there are spiritually oriented psychologies that connect psyche and spirit yet ignore the body. Then there are disciplines like yoga that connect spirit and body yet fail to address the wounds of the psyche. The key to alignment is your chakra system. Based on the insights of therapist Anodea Judith, Meraki will guide you through your chakra system, giving you a practical and clear insight on issues of love and relationships, power and spirituality, emotion and instinct.


The chakra’s, in other words: your human biocomputer, develop in stages during your life.



This week, let’s start with the first chakra, often referred to as earth, located in the base of your spine. This is your foundation, it develops from your 2nd trimester to 12 months, the time when you build your trust, health, family and appropriate boundaries.

If the earth chakra is in balance you have good health, you feel vital and comfortable in your body. To you this world is safe and nice place where you can relax.


If anything happened in the development of this chakra (malnourishment, abandonment or abuse) you may get a disbalance in this first chakra. This either manifests in a deficiency or an excess.


A deficiency can best be described like ‘you don’t feel like you belong on this earth’. The psysical manifestation of your life is being actively denied. This results in disconnection from the body, underweight, feeling fearful, anxious and having trouble to settle. You may be setting poor boundaries for yourself.


Opposite of deficiency, an excess of the earth chakra often shows in material fixation, even greed. You set rigid boundaries and have a fear of change. Bodily an excess may manifest in obesity


The body
As mind, body and spirit interconnect, a chakra disbalance will (eventually) turn into physical malfunctions. Are you having disorders of the bowel, large intestine or in solid parts of the body like your bones or teeth? Do you have issues with your legs, feet, knees or in the base of your spine? Instead of taking an aspirin, take a moment to examine your earth chakra.


The key to a balanced chakra is to reconnect with your body, practice physical activity, get a massage.
Mentally and spiritually pose yourself these questions:

- What belief patterns did you inherit from your family?

- Which of those belief patterns still have authority but may not be valid anymore?

- Do you have a personal code of honor? Did you ever compromise it?

- Do you have any unfinished business with your family members? What’s the reason that prevented you from healing the relationship?

- List all the blessings that you feel came from your family



As we already stated in the deficiency and excess explanation, eating is a very important part of the earth chakra. Do you feel like you have a disbalance? Try eating beets, parsnip, apples and pomegranates. Sharp readers out there, indeed: they are all red food.

We hope to have given you a practical insight in this first part of your human biocomputer. In our next blog we will explore the endless fascination of love and relationships.

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