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30 Day Positivity Challenge
Try it now! 

Your mind is a very powerful thing. We believe we aren't in control of what we think because our thoughts seem to fly in and out all day long. But you are in control of your thoughts, and you become what you think about. That’s the secret power of the mind. This summer month Meraki challenges you to influence your mind and behavior in a positive way with our 30-day positivity challenge or should we say life challenge?


Day 1: For every worst-case scenario you think of, imagine the best thing that could happen

Day 2: Spend five minutes imagining your dram life & write down what steps you need to take to get there

Day 3: Have lunch with someone you run into today

Day 4: Do three things to cut negativity out of your (online) life

Day 5: Choose a positive mantra for the day

Day 6: Give a genuine compliment to three people

Day 7: Think about the best things in your life while you’re waiting in line or at a stop sign

Day 8: Take a moment to write down what’s most important in your life

Day 9: Take three full deep breaths to get your oxygen flowing

Day 10: Dance, run or jump around for at least five minutes

Day 11: Do something nice for someone unexpectedly

Day 12: Share a good memory with a friend and reminisce over good times

Day 13: Learn something new from someone

Day 14: Remember that other people’s opinions don’t say anything about who you are

Day 15: Do at least one thing towards your goal

Day 16: Make eye contact and smile to everyone you walk past today. Bonus for saying hello!

Day 17: Laugh for no reason

Day 18: Meditate for five minutes

Day 19: Think about the challenges you’re currently faing and what they might teach you

Day 20: Question your negative thoughts. Are they even true?

Day 21: Do one simple thing that fills your heart with joy

Day 22: Learn more about a cause that’s important to you and find out how you can help

Day 23: Put away your phone

Day 24: Go for a walk and admire the world around you

Day 25: Write a positive quote on your mirror

Day 26: Create a playlist that instantly makes you smile

Day 27: Call someone that you haven’t talked to in a while

Day 28: Write yourself a love letter

Day 29: Look for the good in every single person you see

Day 30: Repeat this challenge!

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