Pilates Meditation

The mind, housed within a healthy body, possesses a glorious sense of power


The complete coordination of body, mind and spirit is essential for a happy and healthy life. 


During the Pilates training we focus on posture, stability, respiration and coordination of your body and mind. We create a strong core which provides you more balance and peace in your daily life. 

Meraki Pilates teaches you to inhabit your body, to feel your body from within and reclaim consciousness from your mind so you will no longer be trapped in useless and compulsive thinking. 


Pilates is for everyone. Whether your body is vulnerable or extreme fit. Together we create a programme, based on your wishes and goals. 


Elements of the training are:

·    Advanced mobility and flexibility of your body

·    Awareness of your posture

·    Respiration techniques

·    Meditation & mental relaxation​

·    Mental healing through body movement 

·    Reinforcement of the core muscles

·    Relief of back, neck and shoulder pain

·    Bonus: creating insanely strong muscles


Meraki Pilates has taught me how to become stronger. I have learned to trust my body and all of its capabilities. Lianne really knows how to motivate and stimulate me with her positive approach. Because of her trust in me I have learned to trust myself. After a coaching session I feel very empowered and relaxed at the same time, the perfect combination. 

- Astrid Kouveld



€ 40,- per session

€ 150,- per month 


starting from € 250,- per workshop