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Chakra Crash Course

The alignment of body, mind and spirit is a rareness in the Western world we live in. In therapy sessions we connect mind and body, yet we ignore the spiritual aspects of our being. Then there are spiritually oriented psychologies that connect psyche and spirit yet ignore the body. Then there are disciplines like yoga that connect spirit and body yet fail to address the wounds of the psyche. The key to alignment is your chakra system. Based on the insights of therapist Anodea Judith, Meraki will guide you through your chakra system, giving you a practical and clear insight on issues of love and relationships, power and spirituality, emotion and instinct.


The chakra’s, in other words: your human biocomputer, develop in stages during your life.



Time to head on to the second chakra, often referred to as water, located in the lower abdomen and sacral plexus. This is your movement and connection area, it develops from 6 months to 2 years old, the time when you start exploring the world.

If the water chakra is in balance you are emotionally intelligent, you have the ability to experience pleasure, the ability to change. You set healthy boundaries.


If anything happened in the development of this chakra (sexual, physical or emotional abuse or volatile situations) you may get a disbalance in this first chakra. This either manifests in a deficiency or an excess.


A deficiency translates in rigidity in body and attitudes, fear of change and excessive boundaries. You may experience frigidity, fear of sex, denial of pleasure and lack of desire.


Opposite of deficiency, an excess of the water chakra often shows in pleasure or sexual addiction, excessively strong emotions and poor boundaries and invasion of others


The body
As mind, body and spirit interconnect, a chakra disbalance will (eventually) turn into physical malfunctions. Located in the sacral plexus you may experience disorders of reproductive organs, sexual dysfunction, menstrual difficulties or low back and knee pain. Since change and boundaries play a big role in the water chakra you may experience a lack of flexibility in your body. Talking about interconnection… 


The body has its own healing process, we are biologically equipped with innate instincts for healing and self-preservation, the streaming of energy through the body is the body’s way of restoring balance. But how do we free this stream? In healing the second chakra we always act on behalf of the body’s natural healing process, where movement and emotion are essential.

Mentally and spiritually pose yourself these questions:

- Are you comfortable with your sexuality? Are you strong enough to honor your sexual boundaries?

- What is your personal code of honor? Do you keep your word? Do you negotiate your ethics depending upon your circumstances?

- Are you a controlling person? DO you engage in power plays in your relationships? Are you able to see yourself clearly in circumstances related to power and money?

- What goals do you have for yourself that you have yet to pursue? What stands in the way of your acting upon these goals?



The second chakra is the water chakra. Need I say more? To restore the balance in this chakra, drink your water, a lot of it. Besides that try eating orange food: pumpkin, oranges, carrots, seeds and nuts.



We hope to have given you a practical insight in this second part of your human bio-computer. Next time we will go into the fire chakra and the ego identity.  

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