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5 Life lessons to stop thinking and start living
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Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in your head? Feeling emotionally overwhelmed? Comparing yourself to other people? You have the strength to change this. 


Inspired by the great Eckhart Tolle, here are five life lessons for you to stop thinking and start living


Life lesson 1: Live in the present moment
When you aren’t being present you become a slave to time. Your mind is pulled into the past or the future. Your thoughts are of the past what has been, what could have been, what happened. Or your thoughts are of the future what could happen, what might happen, the variables of different outcomes. These thoughts are all pulling you from your only reality, the present.

Focus on what is real, experience the moment and you’ll feel much more free in life. 


Life lesson 2: Realize who you truly are

The voice in your head is not who you are. Who are you then? The one who realizes that your thoughts are not you. You are not the people around you, nor the events of life. You are not your emotions or your thoughts. By living consciously, you can learn to think clearly, presently and positively. Every day you can make the choice to live in joy, it’s already inside of you. So, fill your day with positivity. Spend time in gratitude. Make an effort to lift others up. Be kind for no reason and you’ll see: things will be heading your way automatically. 

Life lesson 3: Embrace change
Change is important to grow and expand your experience of life. The best way to change and evolve is to create a vision for your life and move towards it even when you are afraid. If you have already strongly envisioned where you are going, you brain will subconsciously move in that direction. The stronger your vision the quicker your progress! 


Life lesson 4: Build self-awareness
When we aren’t conscious and aware, we slip into mindless living which is toxic and hampers our spiritual growth. For example, when we live passively, with no conscious intentions, fall into addictions, live a distracted life – we are living mindlessly. 

To observe is to become conscious and take charge of your life instead of letting life happen to you and just wishing that someday your dreams will come true. Once you learn to live consciously, you will have more control over your own existence.


Life Lesson 5: You become what you think about: stay positive!

If you are constantly thinking that you’re lazy, unhappy, or not worthy of happiness and fulfillment, you will become those thoughts. – if you’re constantly complaining, you’ll attract more negativity into your life. The goal is to take full responsibility for your life and shed all the excuses. Realize the power of your mind. If you focus it on positive things, with positive thoughts and actions, you will create positive results. And if you focus on negativity, you’ll create more negativity. 

When you are stuck, don’t ask “why me?”, ask “how can I get through this?” and “what is a step no matter how small, I can take to make progress?” A simple question like this will help you focus on the solution. In the end, life is too short to spend it in negativity. A being with a negative mindset will never reach their true potential.

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‘To me life is about following your passions, if something is exciting and makes you happy do it, if something bores you stop doing it. Passion and excitement is in us all for a reason and it is this feeling that I think you should follow as a guid

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